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Raspberry Pi - Python Junkbot using ExplorerHat Pro

Junkbots ( are based around using  materials such as drink's cans, broken propellors and motors to produce something that moves by vibration. Previous designs be found at:

Raspberry Pi Controlled JunkbotsJunkbots blog

The latest tweak to the Raspberry Pi based Junkbot design is to use the combination of Python and Pimoroni's Explorer HAT PRO to control it. Explorer HAT Pro is a good choice, it can control two motors with a library provided to simplify the programming. For this the Junkbot was the one shown above: a drinks can, pen, LEGO bits, motor and broken propellor.

Before the Explorer HAT can be used the library needs to be installed via the Terminal and the instructions below

curl | bash
Python code to control the junkbot is shown below.

import explorerhat from time import sleep
def spin1(duration):     sleep(duration)
def spin2(duration):     explorerh…