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Huxlow Part 1:waste management activities and turning junk into junkbots

The first half (waste management activities and turning junk into robots) on the junkbots project has been carried out at Huxlow Science College on 15th February 2011.

Some interesting designs were produced for junkbots that could clear up a range of 'rubbish'. These included:
- one based around a milk carton, wheels and propellor at the back that was very quick.It included a scoop at the front to sweep up rubbish as it went.(see figures 1 and 2).

 - one based around a bottle with legs that vibrated along. This one included a magnet at the back that could pick up small metal items(figure 3,4 and 5)

-A third one included a scoop that designed to scoop up the rubbish as it moved forward.